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The Ontario Regional Council is composed of geographic representatives, equity representatives, Directly Chartered locals, Area Councils, RWC’s, Regionally Based Separate Employer Locals and Youth. All positions on the Ontario Regional Council are elected from among the membership. The Regional Executive Vice President is a full-time paid position. All other members of the council work in jobs represented by the union and serve the union as volunteers. In addition to chairing the Ontario Regional Council, the REVP represents Ontario on the Alliance Executive Committee, the body that runs the union nationally.

Ontario Regional Council Meeting Agenda (July 21, 2020)


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Council Members

Ontario Regional Council Members  Contact Information  Regional Executive Vice-President, Ontario Craig Reynolds Reynoldsc@psac-afpc.com 647-417-0657   Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President Ontario Ryan Wardute.psac.labourcouncil@gmail.com 416-508-9273 2nd Alternate…

Ontario Regional Council Minutes

Observers are welcome to attend meetings of the Ontario Regional Council. (meeting schedule page) For hard copies of any Ontario Council…